Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY tights.

Hello all! I apologize for the non existent posts over the last couple of weeks but it couldn't be helped. Put simply my time was spent grieving with my family and friends so I was just too busy. 

These photos were taken with the help of my sister a while back (I gave the tripod a day off). The series showcases an outfit I wore to my friends birthday dinner. I am wearing the following; a vintage cream jacket, my Dad's Jimmy Hendrix T, a black mini skirt, Sportsgirl "LOVE" necklace, Zula heels, black socks and my DIY shredded tights.
To make your own pair of ripped punk inspired tights you will need a pair of tights (preferably thin ones with a low denier count) and some sandpaper. The method is quite simple put on the tights and start creating holes and ladders with the sand paper. I used a circular motion to create the circle holes and a downwards sweeping motion to create the ladders. You can shred as little or a lot, depending on your style. TIP you can use your old tights to save some dollars. Happy creating!

I'm off on a road trip tomorrow, hurray! Pyramid Rock festival here I come! I'm very excited as I received a new camera for Christmas and can't wait to snap up the awesome festival fashion. It will be a feast for my eyes.

Hope your NYE plans are coming along nicely.

xx E   

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's change my name to Emily Fitch.

Yesterday I got my hair done and as you might be able to tell I got it really RED. The shade is a gorgeous cherry red which I adore because is it the exact colour of Emily Fitch's hair (the beautiful twin from Skins season 3 & 4). Basically I fell in love with the amazing colour and full on copied it! My natural hair colour is chocolate brown so it was a major change for me (I've been red since April) but I don't think I'll ever go back. This colour is just so fun and vibrant!

In the above pics I am wearing my favourite NUDIE jeans, WindsorSmith swede wedges, a vintage satin blouse and a thrifted purple velvet bow tie. These shoes are a perfect height as I can wear them to work and for play, they can handle anything. And most importantly they are extremely comfortable and HOT!

If you haven't seen Skins definitely check it out! The crazy clothes and mad characters make it an extreme experience.  

Hope you're having fun.

xx E

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I was who I am

 Tonight I went for dinner with my lovely girlfriends to discuss our New Years plans. Hurray! I am so excited! The holiday season is fast approaching and the my whole vibe is fully pumped. Three days of awesome festival fashion, sick beats and drinks with friends. What better way to spend ones time during the silly season?
I wore this outfit down the the local Pub, it comprises of thrifted shoes, Sportsgirl denim cut-offs, a thrifted leopard print T, a vintage blue jacket and brown purse. In my hair a I wearing a handcrafted demented flower which I made out of scrap floral material and an odd blue flower button. I simply cut out two short skinny strips of fabric, folded them in half  to look like the Pink Ribbon symbol then sewed together with a small folded (extra) piece of fabric on the back (this is to enable the flower to be threaded onto a hair pin), for more detail I then added a button. To finish just thread it on to a bobby pin and pop it into your hair. Easy!

Happy creating.

xx E

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday Best

Hello. Long time no talk too! I apologize as I had a super busy weekend in addition with not having the use of a camera! On Saturday I made a demented turkey pillow for my lovely friend Maddi's as it was her birthday. It is very quirky/weird and I hope to show some pics very soon.
My sixth sense for Op Shopping greatness was working in overdrive as I also stumbled upon a $5 bag sale at the local Salvation Army. The definition of a $5 bag sale is as follows; stuff as many clothes into a plastic carry bag as possible and ONLY PAY $5!! I thank  the awesome individual who ever thought up that one! In the midst of everything I was able to find some wicked blouses, a couple of dresses, a mad denim shirt and a patterned maxi shirt, all of which you will see in the near future. All in all my Saturday was EPIC!
 However the past weekend has also taught me NOT to TRUST vodka as the next morning is so terrible even a marathon of Twilight movies can't make the pain go away!

O-Kay let's get back to the fashion! Today I am wearing a vintage floral dress which I bought my in an Echuca charity shop last week. I teamed it with a Dotti layered necklace, Sporstgirl hat, rmk tasseled heels and two chunky rings (one is from Just Jeans and the other was a gift from my sister when she went traveling in Cambodia). The ring featured on my index finger is the special one however unfortunately the photos are a tad blurred. It has a detailed rose carved in the centre with leaves flowing out from underneath the petals, it is definitely a beautiful piece.   

Hope you're all sorted for Chrissy cause "Santa Claus is coming..."

And finally, talk to me people, tell me what you think!

xx E

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I forgot to take my book the work today, I was running late as per usual. Currently I am reading the second novel of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes, I am a major Rings fan and I don't deny it! So instead of reading for an hour I was FORCED to go Op Shopping, well really the only reason I read other than for enjoyment is to make myself NOT to go thrifting! I have to keep myself busy during my breaks otherwise I'd be spending money on stuff EVERYDAY!
For todays discoveries I found a beautiful vintage red suitcase (just one more to add to the collection!), a floral dress that drops to my ankles with lovely black and beige tones, TWO tan leather handbags, a pair of sunnies (that shortly after purchase a screw came loose so an arm fell off!) and finally these amazing OJAY red spotted high waisted pants as featured above.
Well did I hit the jackpot when I came across these beauties! I myself think it was fate that I left my book at home so basically I was MEANT to find them.Not only are they super comfy but I would definitely feel comfortable wearing them to a fancy art gallery or posh cafe. They scream "LOOK AT ME" and I love it!

A part from the awesomely amazing spotted pants, I am wearing a Supre blouse, Target pumps (which are definitely "ten minute shoes") and the chain necklace made by me. I was feeling very high end modelish today so I wore my hair in a top knot! If only I were 6 ft tall and carrying around a Chanel.

Happy dreaming.

xx E

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vintage Glamor.

There is a major possibility that I have indeed fallen in love with pleats, especially when they are on a maxi skirt! Pleats add glamor, charm and can be very sexy, in a sultry kind of way. I also have a crush on styling pleated skirts with a knot on one side as it offsets the perfectness of the design and makes the look more casual with that added hint of effortless cool.
With this outfit I am have turned a thrifted skirt (which is really an over sized dress worn on my hips) inside out as the texture of the material gives off this gorgeous sea water blue shine, much nicer than its intended matte finish. The rest of the look is completed with a vintage cream blouse, thritfed necklaces, rmk pumps and an amazing vintage case. I found the miniature case at the Moama Market on the Sunday just gone, the clasps are so old school that they remind me of an ancient pirates' treasure chest!

Hope you are finding your own treasure!

xx E
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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Dark Days Are Over.

When things aren't going your way and you feel as though the world is against you, the only option left is to cry. Tears roll down your red blotchy face and anger rages from within. However after you've had your moment, you can put your worries into perspective and they simply float away. Life returns back to "normal" and you allow yourself to smile.
But why is it that life seems to throw you curve balls? Not only are they annoying but it makes it hard to focus on all the good stuff life has to offer. I have to remind myself daily that I have a beautiful family that supports me, amazing friends that make me laugh, a cat that likes my Dad more than me, a job that that pays, a roof over my head and a comfy bed to sleep in. When I think of the good stuff, the bad annoying parts simply just don't measure up!
Same goes with fashion. I love looking at glossy mags and even find myself getting envious about not being able to afford such high end fashion. I become jealous and depressed because "why can't I have a $5000 designer hand bag?". When I finally bring myself back down to earth I realize that not being given these items makes my style more innovative as I have to follow a strict fashion budget. Also, it develops my resourceful skills as I am constantly on the look out for bargain vintage piece or thrifted finds. However, one day I will own that designer hand bag and pumps. You can count on it!


Here I am surrounded by gorgeous cut outs of some of the outfits I adore. I love creating colleges and scrap books filled with mag clippings and jotted down ideas. As I am constantly surrounded by beautiful things it helps me visualize my goals ensure they are achieved!
In this get up I am wearing my lovely brown over sized leather jacket, a thrifted red floral baggy top, Sportsgirl denim cut offs and on my feet are high top Nikes teamed with army green socks. It is my attempt at grunge street cool.
Let me know if I pulled it off!

xx E

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

On the Friday just gone, I had my work Christmas party and due to the multitude of horrific stories that go along with free alcohol events I insisted on having a "dry" night. No way was I going to be the young drunk girl making a fool of herself! 
But the greatest thing about work break ups is definitely the food. Entree, main and dessert all for nothing. Awesome! I had BBQ'ed lamb cutlets and prawns for entree. Tasmanian salmon with tomato salsa for main and sticky date steamed pudding to finish off. Man I love good food! Also, the stress of not having to pay makes the food taste that little bit better.
What's more I loved the idea of being able to get dressed up and show off my vintage masterpieces to my colleges as they have never seen them before. Unfortunately my style showcased on this blog is downplayed when I'm at work. However when I go off to University next year my style wont be held back by any work constrant. Most likely it will become more intense!

For this "Blair Waldorf" inspired outfit I am wearing a vintage patterned blazer (I love the Balmain like  shoulder pads), vintage lace dress that I found at Vinnies, thrifted glo mesh purse, Dotti necklace and my sister's "Nancy" boots. I seriously need to find my own pair of these! Kate originally bought these at Big W. Can you believe it?

Hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit! My family bought I real tree and it is very baubelisish. The size of it is massive and I find myself just gazing whilst soaking up the awesome Christmas vibe. I feel that the Tree makes Christmas. Now I can't wait for carols to begin! 

Seasons greetings.

xx E

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chocolate Indulgence.

This is Part Two of my bag collection. Whilst writing this post I am on hold to Telstra, my favourite telecom service provider. Pause NOT! I am currently in between phones atm as I am awaiting my new i Phone (just a little bit excited!), so I have no credit on my old pre paid and feel a bit scared that I will get stuck somewhere and I wont be able to call for help! However I refuse to pay $20.00 for credit which I wont probably have time to use. Ah the drama of it all!

To get back on track, I own 17 beautifully divine brown bags of various shape, size and texture. All of which have been thrifted over the last couple of years from around central Victoria.Can you tell I adore envelope style handbags? My favourites include the fake Gucci and chocolate brown envelope bag with a shiny crocodile like skin covered flap (close ups can be seen in picture 2).  

I'm off to my work Christmas party tomorrow night and have a wicked outfit already planned! Hopefully I can post it late Friday or early Saturday, depending on how late I'll be out.

Wish me luck with Telstra.

xx E
PS. If you've fallen in love with any of the bags featured, name your price and let the bartering dance begin.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Behold the handcrafted head piece.

Below is the head piece I made the other day. I crafted this out of scrap calico, lace, ric-rack, chiffon, fake flowers, wool, a random heart pendent and some white mesh. It gives off a soft garden fairy vibe which I kinda dig and I feel very "pretty" when I wear it. Also, it makes me want to walk bare foot through a garden bed and cast secret spells of wellbeing and peace.
I am thinking about making a similar headband but on a smaller scale and with darker tones, possibly leaning towards a dark fairy vibe. So stay tuned folks!

    In this outfit I am wearing Cheap Monday high waisted jeans, a vintage embellished blouse and the handmade lace headpiece. I was off to a dinner party with my close girlfriends and couldn't resist showing off my latest creation! Let's just stay I had a mixed response. How do you rate it?

Hope I hear from you!

xx E

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