Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Behold the handcrafted head piece.

Below is the head piece I made the other day. I crafted this out of scrap calico, lace, ric-rack, chiffon, fake flowers, wool, a random heart pendent and some white mesh. It gives off a soft garden fairy vibe which I kinda dig and I feel very "pretty" when I wear it. Also, it makes me want to walk bare foot through a garden bed and cast secret spells of wellbeing and peace.
I am thinking about making a similar headband but on a smaller scale and with darker tones, possibly leaning towards a dark fairy vibe. So stay tuned folks!

    In this outfit I am wearing Cheap Monday high waisted jeans, a vintage embellished blouse and the handmade lace headpiece. I was off to a dinner party with my close girlfriends and couldn't resist showing off my latest creation! Let's just stay I had a mixed response. How do you rate it?

Hope I hear from you!

xx E

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