Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chocolate Indulgence.

This is Part Two of my bag collection. Whilst writing this post I am on hold to Telstra, my favourite telecom service provider. Pause NOT! I am currently in between phones atm as I am awaiting my new i Phone (just a little bit excited!), so I have no credit on my old pre paid and feel a bit scared that I will get stuck somewhere and I wont be able to call for help! However I refuse to pay $20.00 for credit which I wont probably have time to use. Ah the drama of it all!

To get back on track, I own 17 beautifully divine brown bags of various shape, size and texture. All of which have been thrifted over the last couple of years from around central Victoria.Can you tell I adore envelope style handbags? My favourites include the fake Gucci and chocolate brown envelope bag with a shiny crocodile like skin covered flap (close ups can be seen in picture 2).  

I'm off to my work Christmas party tomorrow night and have a wicked outfit already planned! Hopefully I can post it late Friday or early Saturday, depending on how late I'll be out.

Wish me luck with Telstra.

xx E
PS. If you've fallen in love with any of the bags featured, name your price and let the bartering dance begin.

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