Sunday, December 5, 2010

Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

On the Friday just gone, I had my work Christmas party and due to the multitude of horrific stories that go along with free alcohol events I insisted on having a "dry" night. No way was I going to be the young drunk girl making a fool of herself! 
But the greatest thing about work break ups is definitely the food. Entree, main and dessert all for nothing. Awesome! I had BBQ'ed lamb cutlets and prawns for entree. Tasmanian salmon with tomato salsa for main and sticky date steamed pudding to finish off. Man I love good food! Also, the stress of not having to pay makes the food taste that little bit better.
What's more I loved the idea of being able to get dressed up and show off my vintage masterpieces to my colleges as they have never seen them before. Unfortunately my style showcased on this blog is downplayed when I'm at work. However when I go off to University next year my style wont be held back by any work constrant. Most likely it will become more intense!

For this "Blair Waldorf" inspired outfit I am wearing a vintage patterned blazer (I love the Balmain like  shoulder pads), vintage lace dress that I found at Vinnies, thrifted glo mesh purse, Dotti necklace and my sister's "Nancy" boots. I seriously need to find my own pair of these! Kate originally bought these at Big W. Can you believe it?

Hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit! My family bought I real tree and it is very baubelisish. The size of it is massive and I find myself just gazing whilst soaking up the awesome Christmas vibe. I feel that the Tree makes Christmas. Now I can't wait for carols to begin! 

Seasons greetings.

xx E

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