Friday, September 2, 2011

One More Sleep.

Golly Gosh! There is only one more sleep till my FIRST ever appearance as a market seller!!! So much to do. So little time!
Once again the clothing above is all FOR SALE so if you fancy a little bit of hipster fashion swing on by to the Mistermode Fashion Night Market! All the details are outlined BELOW!
Hope you see all your beautiful faces!

Get pumped! It's almost the WEEKEND!

xx E

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fully Frocked Up.

Wearing a dress hand crafted by me two years ago with a lot of help from a sewing genius and shoes by Jeffrey Campbell.

Wow. My first ever university ball was amazing! I had so much fun getting all dressed up and hanging around with great people. The Peninsula venue was EPIC! So much glamour and beauty, it was very impressive! 
A definite highlight of the night was the fire dancers (Yes there were fire dancers!!) and the table service consisting of large amounts of free wine. Let's just say I was feeling extremely undertheweather yesterday but by having a such a good night it was worth it! I can't wait until next year!

Also, there's only 14 more days until the Mister Mode Fashion Night Market (3rd of September) so don't forget to buy your tickets! It will be a great night out with awesome fashion bargains, delicious drinks bought from a bus and epic tunes. Definitely get amongst it! I may or may not be supplying complementary lollies for those visiting my stall so you'll have to swing on by to find out!

Hope you're having fun!

xx E

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purple Blazer and Wayne Cooper.

 I am wearing a thrifted blazer, blue shirt and scarf, Nudie jeans and my NEW Wayne Cooper pirate/biker boots

I finally had a chance to go home this past weekend! Yay! I hadn't been home for six weeks! It was great to catch up with all my lovely girl friends too!
And of course I was able to fit in a bit of op shopping as you know the op shops in the country shit all over the city counterparts! The purple blazer featured was one of my precious finds. Indeed I do love a good bright coloured oversized jacket! I love how it has a Zara vibe but only cost me $5. Win!

Also, this week I am attending the Deakin Commerce Society Ball on Thursday which will hopefully be really really fun because I am mega pumped. I am super excited about getting all dressed up and eating a proper meal. Thinking about the awesome food and free drinks will not help me get to sleep tonight!
Maybe I'll meet my prince charming at the ball. Perhaps I should wear glass slippers instead of my Jeffrey Campbells. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Anyway I'm off to do some study.
Hope all is going well.

xx E

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Double Denim Delights

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my Mum and sister in the city. We ate heaps of delicious food, did a spot of shopping and even went to the theatre! We went and saw Love Never Dies, the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera and boy can they sing! The sets and scene changes were also amazing too! I thoroughly enjoyed it!  
The only downer for the day was my feet they got quite sore after a long day of walking but maybe me wearing my Jeffrey Campbells attributed to this!
Nevertheless at around 6 O'clock I was able to find the most gorgeous Wayne Cooper pirate/biker boots on sale at Myer so my sore feet problems were solved! Thankyou Mr Wayne Cooper! I will try to put some photos up for you soon!

Featured in today's post is another outfit up for grabs at the MisterMode market. So if you like anything you see swing by the market on the 3rd of September!

Hope all is going well.

xx E

Monday, August 1, 2011

Change is in the air.

Wow I can not believe it is August ALREADY! Where has the year gone? It feels like only yesterday that I was packing to move to Melbourne and now I only have two more months before I have to pack up and move out for the summer. Crazy!

In the above pictures is another outfit featuring some of the clothing that will be on sale in September. It consists of the following pieces; a gold mesh maxi skirt, swede slip on shoes, a vintage miniature purse and  a black sparkly dress (worn as a singlet).

You can buy pre sale tickets for the event from the Mister Mode webpage here. I would love you to come, it should be a pretty epic night out, bargain vintage buys, good tunes and a few cheeky drinks a night not to be missed!

Hope you're having fun!

xx E

Friday, July 29, 2011

Items up for sale.

xx E

Mister Mode Fashion Night Market.

My FIRST feature! I am so excited! Just selling my clothes is exciting enough but to be featured on the markets website has really made my day.
For more photos and information about the market check out the Mister Mode web site here!

Below is a copy of the interview taken from the Mister Mode web page.

Mister Mode asks Emma! Your lookbook had us at Hello with your striking style. Describe your style.
Emma says I am addicted to quirky vintage fashion that is a tad edgy. I like to stand out from the crowd. For me blending in would just be boring! I like to have fun with what I wear so clashing prints and textures is always a must.
Mister Mode asks what made you join lookbook?
Emma says I joined Lookbook to get more exposure for my blog as I hoped it would entice people to check out my own site.
Mister Mode asks Name 3 of your biggest fashion icons?
Emma says Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage
Mister Mode asks how do you find yourself putting together a daily outfit? Where do you start?
Emma says Firstly I check the weather to refine my options. Next I pick one item that I want to wear; an item could be a pair of brightly coloured socks or a denim shirt. Normally I just stand in front of my wardrobe and randomly select an item I feel would work. Then I just work around the chosen item until I have a complete outfit ensuring that I have at least one vintage or thrifted item of course!
Mister Mode asks When did you become interested in fashion and why?
Emma says I started to really enjoy fashion when I was around 16 as I worked at a newsagency so I was constantly surrounded by glossy magazines full of beautiful pictures. I began liking the idea of being able to express my personal sense of style through my clothing. I find creating and customising clothing to make lots of different outfits from a limited wardrobe and budget enjoyable.
Mister Mode asks Do you have any shopping tips?
Emma says Before I head to the local op shops I like to have a rough idea for what I am after for example a bag or a shirt. This helps narrow down the search as looking through all those over flowing racks can at times be painful when you have no direction. I find looking out for cool patterns and textures amongst the racks helpful as this saves time as well. For me the older and smellier the op shop the greater the chance of finding that amazing vintage masterpiece. And of course remember to have fun! Think of op shopping as a treasure hunt because you never know what you might find!
Mister Mode asks What has been your most recent key bargain buy?
Emma says My yellow rain coat. $4 from a local op shop. I could wear it every day, so light and yet still warm. Amazing. (See profile picture above)
Mister Mode asks what in your daily life motivates or inspires you?
Emma says Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage – Her style is quirky and unique which I adore.
Sportsgirl – I love their vintage inspired clothing and bright fashion campaigns, it gives me ideas of what to look out for the op shops.
Rumi Neely from FashionToast – Her style is so effortlessly cool that I am always in awe.
Melbourne university students – I love seeing good style in real life. I find every day that I am on campus I am overloaded with inspiration.
The characters off Skins – I love the edgy styling on this British TV show, it inspires me to take more fashion risks.
Mister Mode asks Do you have any fashion related plans for the future?
Emma says I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce so in the future I would love to be able to invest in up and coming designers or be on the financial side of a fashion house. Another dream would be to become a fashion buyer, being surrounded by beautiful clothes everyday would be epic.
So there you have it Mode army, this is Emma Louise and her key items that she is selling at her stall  at the next Mister Mode event. You can expect a lot more of her quirky prints, bright colours and a Look-at-me-now statement piece. I’d be dying to round up your friends for a treasure hunt adventure on September 3rd.
You can always find Emma and her quirky sense of fashion on her  Pom Pom Lace blog.

I am so grateful for Tish finding me on lookbook and giving me this opportunity to share my love of second hand clothing with other like minded peeps. 
The market is going to be held on the 3rd of September, 8pm onwards at the Garden St Warehouse (enter via Chapel St Jam Factory). So make sure you pencil it in!

xx E