Sunday, January 30, 2011

Airing Out Dirty Laundry.

I just love this dress! I discovered its awesomeness a while back in an Echuca Op Shop and I only remembered it was hidden in my wardrobe TODAY! Even though it is a little big for me and usually this doesn't bother me as nearly all my clothes are over size 14! but with a tailored dress like this, it needs to go in at the waist otherwise it looks just TERRIBLE! So with the help of a trusty floral belt the dress fits perfectly and looks like magic.
I had fun twirling around as this dress is just made for it. The skirt is so full that it is very deceiving, there is a lot of fabric floating around there.
The items added to complete this look include RMK heels (I need a new pair of funky heels desperately!), a Target watch (my new daily staple), a thrifted beaded necklace, floral belt stolen from my sis and a Sportsgirl hat.
Elegant yet full of fun. Add a glo mesh purse and you are ready for a high tea with all your ladies.

Hope you had a good weekend!

xx E

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grandma Dress Turned Young And Edgy.

The blue embroidered dress and black velvet bag-vintage, the red belt-my mothers, the leopard print shirt-thrifted, bird necklace-my sisters,  rings- Diva and a gift, army boots-Rubi Shoes.  

I've been wanting to wear this beautiful vintage embroidered dress for a while but I had trouble styling it as I didn't want to look too "Grandma-ish". Then suddenly the thought occurred to me that I should clash "pretty" vintage with an edgy grunge style and hey presto the look featured was born.
By adding the more earthy elements such as the thritfted leopard shirt (worn as a vest), chunky rings, heavy army boots and a vintage black velvet bag the look evolved into an edgy vintage master piece!

Try clashing different styles and see what individual outfits you can come up with. You might surprise yourself!
Remember to think OUTSIDE the norm.

Have fun!

xx E    

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Forty Cent Dress.

I found this dress slash over sized T on the 40 cent rack out the front of a Heathcote Op Shop. What a BARGAIN! At first when I saw the sign attached to the rack stating the ridiculously low price, I simply smiled to myself and thought "this is the reason I love Op Shopping!". The second thought was "why didn't it say 50 cents or $1? Forty cents is just the strangest amount. Once I got over thinking about the craziness of it all I discovered this lovely melon colored dress with intense shoulder pads (man I love a good shoulder pad!). This is impulse buying at its best because who needs to try something on when it costs 40 cents? What's more I was waiting for my mum to get some hot drinks so I had a total of 5 minutes to look around this crowded little shop filled to the brim with thrifting goodness.
Within 5 minutes I was able to locate two pairs of brown leather shoes (featured in my last two posts here and here), a awesome peroxided denim jacket featured here and the above dress. Let's just say I got lucky.

The most expensive item in the entire outfit is the long fake pearl necklace from Diva. That statement right there shows how cheap this outfit was to put together! The blue pleated skirt, short pear necklace and heels were thrifted, the black necklace was handmade, the belt was a magazine free-bee and the watch is Target.

Individual style DOES NOT have to cost a million dollars, it can cost as little as 40 cents.
Happy bargain hunting!

xx E      

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day Equals Party Time.

Today is about celebrating how awesome it is to be an Australian. And what better way of celebrating this epic nation but to have an truly ripping party. 
Australia Day party check list. 
What you will need (beg borrow or steal):
  •  A token Australia flag T
  • Some Thongs
  • Vegemite eaten with everything
  • Snags on the BBQ
  • Beers (in my case some cheap and nasty wine)
  • Aussie slang (eg. "G'day Mate", "Crikey", "Ya bloody ___(insert any word here)"
  • Radio so you can pump the Hottest 100 tunes
  • Possibly bake a pav if you are that way inclined
  • Sport a pair of  Sunnies, a hat and a lot of sunscreen
  • Be surrounded by heaps of your mates
Easy. Now all you have to do is kick back and enjoy another cracking public holiday.

To bring your focus back to the clothes, I am wearing the following items; a pair of thrifted shoes ($1-AWESOME) and high waisted shorts, a novelty Aussie flag T from Big W, an epic peroxide denim jacket also thrifted ($1 from the kids section) and the pocket watch necklace (worn on waist) was a gift. Also, that funny yellow tube featured in all the shots is a tube of Vegemite. What Australia Day can be celebrated without it?

Too all my fellow Aussies enjoy your day off!

xx E 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Wear A Garden Of Roses.


I found this amazing vintage floral romper in the Elmore Op Shop a while back and it is probably the most comfortable one piece I own. The fabric is light and the pattern has this gorgeous colour scheme happening mixed with incredible detail.
The bag and shoes are also vintage; the bag was sourced from Echuca and the shoes from Heathcote (they only cost $1-EPIC).
My other accessories consist of a pair of Cotton On socks, a Target leopard print bangle and a Diva magic  stone ring.
Simple and on trend yet individual and edgy sums up this outfit. Try to mix new pieces with old ones to keep all your looks fresh and most of all YOU.

Hope you all "throw a shrimp of the BBQ" cause tomorrows AUSTRALIA DAY!
Enjoy the count down to all those tuning into the Hottest 100.

xx E

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm On My Way.

Yesterday I purchased my FIRST lap top! And tomorrow I will be enrolling in my FIRST university course!
I. Am. So. Excited.
What's more I gained On Campus accommodation at Deakin Uni so at the end of February I will be moving to Melbourne! The fashion capital of Australia. HURRAY!

OK, need to calm down. The above outfit is what I wore shopping in Bendigo, it features a lovely thrifted magenta floral patterned mazi, my insane vintage pixtie boots, a vintage bag, belt and pair of sunnies and my handmade bow necklace.

Hope you had an AWESOME weekend. If not try harder, you still have time!

xx E 


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Double Denim Delights.

I have always wanted to wear double denim and I do realize this fact might shock some people! It is a fashion DON'T, nearly even leaning towards a fashion DO NOT EVER but sometimes fashion can be used for other devices not just for self expression. My motive behind the above number is to evoke laughter from my mates. Simple as that!
However I really do love this shirt! I found it in my local Oppy when they were having a $5 bag sale (everything you can fit in a bag for $5-BRILLIANT). The floral material on the pockets and across the shoulders really makes for a individual shirt with loads of personality. Plus it is super compfy and super cheap!
The shorts I am wearing were full length Lee jeans until I set a pair of scissors onto them, unfortunately they were boot cut and I just can't handle jeans with even that little bit of a flare. So the bottom half just had to go!
On my hands from my pinky across are as follows; a rose motif silver ring from Cambodia (gift from my sister), an inspirational ring from Sportsgirl, a random ring from a boutique in Melbourne and my magic ring from Diva. I may have little hands but I do love a good over sized ring or ring clusters that look like an odd knuckle buster. Hopefully one day I'll find the perfect "Emma" ring that spreads right across all my knuckles. Pure ghetto awesomeness!  
The amazing vintage black pixtie boots also were an Op Shop find, sometimes I can't believe my own luck! I just adore these boots! It makes me wonder what adventures they have been on and what adventures are on the horizon. Ah, the possibilities when you are wearing good shoes. 
Finally the sunset photos are from two weeks ago on the eve of a very big thunderstorm, the vibrant colours were so amazing I just had to share it with everyone!

Remember be daring with denim. I dare you!

xx E

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes Its Good To Copy.


The pink elephant purse was a gift from my sister, she bought it when she went overseas. It comes from either Thailand or Vietnam but I can't remember which! I love how it is a token Asian souvenir and who can go past the amazingly vibrant colour?
Along side the imported purse I am wearing a thrifted blue singlet, patterned Supre skirt, handmade chain necklace, a Target watch and MAC "Amplified Girl About Town" lip stick.
On my feet I am wearing my Balmain rip-offs from Novo, I wore these shoes with my formal dress which is inspired by Balmain's Spring 09. I fell in love with the idea of the mullet dress and to this day I still adore them! So glamorous and intense. Awesome!
With the help of a God like seamstress we constructed my blue mullet masterpiece. It's name is the "Maurem Mullet" (Maureen and Emma squished together) and it now lives in an old vintage hat box neatly rapped in purple tissue. The dress took a couple of months to complete and I can't believe the savings! Instead of a $15,000 dress I made mine for under $200!
Balmain is definitely my all time favourite designer and I will forever pursue my dream of purchasing my very own piece of Balmain magic.

Wish me luck!

xx E

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Velvet.

Featured here is a beautiful blood red velvet shirt recently purchased from a local Oppy. I have become addicted to velvet of late. I just love how the texture changes when run your hand across it. Ah glorious!
The rest of the outfit consists of the following garments; a thrifted pair of cowboy boots, some Country Road socks, a Cotton On black skirt, thrifted black beaded T, Just Jeans flower ring and a vintage leather satchel.
This look maybe a tad jumbled (pairing red velvet with cowboy boots) but somehow it works. Life can sometimes be messed up so why cant your outfit be too?

Try to be a bit crazy!

xx E