Saturday, January 22, 2011

Double Denim Delights.

I have always wanted to wear double denim and I do realize this fact might shock some people! It is a fashion DON'T, nearly even leaning towards a fashion DO NOT EVER but sometimes fashion can be used for other devices not just for self expression. My motive behind the above number is to evoke laughter from my mates. Simple as that!
However I really do love this shirt! I found it in my local Oppy when they were having a $5 bag sale (everything you can fit in a bag for $5-BRILLIANT). The floral material on the pockets and across the shoulders really makes for a individual shirt with loads of personality. Plus it is super compfy and super cheap!
The shorts I am wearing were full length Lee jeans until I set a pair of scissors onto them, unfortunately they were boot cut and I just can't handle jeans with even that little bit of a flare. So the bottom half just had to go!
On my hands from my pinky across are as follows; a rose motif silver ring from Cambodia (gift from my sister), an inspirational ring from Sportsgirl, a random ring from a boutique in Melbourne and my magic ring from Diva. I may have little hands but I do love a good over sized ring or ring clusters that look like an odd knuckle buster. Hopefully one day I'll find the perfect "Emma" ring that spreads right across all my knuckles. Pure ghetto awesomeness!  
The amazing vintage black pixtie boots also were an Op Shop find, sometimes I can't believe my own luck! I just adore these boots! It makes me wonder what adventures they have been on and what adventures are on the horizon. Ah, the possibilities when you are wearing good shoes. 
Finally the sunset photos are from two weeks ago on the eve of a very big thunderstorm, the vibrant colours were so amazing I just had to share it with everyone!

Remember be daring with denim. I dare you!

xx E

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