Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got my new blue jeans on

Isn't it  weird how it is is spring here in Australia and yet I am purchasing jeans and jumpers? I think I've been reading too many international blogs and am starting to get a bit confused what season I am actually in.
I have been after a pair of Nudies for TWO years and have finally got myself a pair ( please excuse my squeal of delight). Hurray. And they are soo comfy that I don't want to take them off.

Here I am wearing my NEW Nudie jeans, second hand leather jacket (I love the fringing detail), thrifted Country Road singlet and Op shop shoes.

Happy Halloween.

xx E

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm in the mood for some DIY

I stumbled on this tutorial the other day and thought I might share it with you. It has inspired me to create some knee high detailed socks using the same idea. You can find the entire tute here from the Cocorosa blog.
They are a DIY version of Miu Miu embellished tights and I will post photos when I start and finish this mini project! Stay tuned.

Inspiring? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Stylish? I think so.
All photos are courtesy of the cocorosa

Have a good weekend.

xx E

Leopard print and floral blouses, good times all round

 Here I am wearing a vintage floral blouse, vintage leopard print sunnies, the bow necklace I crafted myself and DIY denim shorts.

To get the look of the distressed denim I used a cheese grater, scissors and a coarse sand paper. Hopefully after a few washes the bottom of the shorts will fray up nicely. Another tip too, I used the studs off an old studded belt that was laying around. So all up these shorts, which are Levis', cost me under $5.00. Fashion DIY on a budget. I like it.

Happy creating

xx E

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I think I might have a thing for black shoes.

These are rmk heels I bought on the weekend just gone. I love the detail on the T-bar.

These are Whittner brogues I bought from Melbourne. I haven't quite worn them in yet but they are still fantastic.

These are Winsorsmith swede wedges. Super soft and hard wearing. Perfection.

Over the last month I have bought 3 pairs of shoes! I think this new fetish may have derived from reading too many glossy magazines and viewing blogs such at Fashiontoast. The humble shoe, I have come to believe can make or breaks an outfit. They are the defining point or the icing on the cake some would say. Plus I want to learn how to walk in heels all day, my ultimate goal is be able to go shopping in them.

Hope you are looking after your feet!

xx E  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Festival Cool

The definition of a music festival is as follows; a large gathering of people with insane outfits that reek of effortless cool, who congregate to listen to popular or emerging artists.
Festival fashion is fearless, people bear all or show nothing. The vintage kids come out to play and have mock fashion contests of who can score the best Op Shop item where is be an amazing leather bag, crazy booties, or a rad jacket. If you are not liking the music just look around and soak up the inspiration of individuals who go the extra mile to make sure they stand out on the day. 
Here I am wearing a thrifted black striped singlet with Levis high waisted shorts (customised by myself), Sportsgirl ring, Limedrop ring, Target leopard print bangle, vintage glo mesh bag and WinsorSmith black swede wedges.

The main aim when dressing for festival is comfort but looking different simultaneously. The balance of these two elements is crucial otherwise you'll end up being too comfortable and looking like a frumpy dag or being too fashion conscious whereby you are constantly fiddling with your outfit of layers of necklaces and belts. Note to self fiddling is UNCOOL. Go for lose tops and high waisted distressed denim shorts or a skirt teamed with a rad pair of army boots and of course a vintage bag, hat and sunnies

Have fun dressing like a wild child.
xx E

My inspirational muse

The most inspirational 13 year old out there, this young lady has some serious fashion cred, even the man behind Dior finds her “inspirational”. It’s hard to believe a girl that is in elementary school has so much influence over the fashion world. Front row in all the major shows in Europe and America plus she gets sent designer attire daily. But for me I find her writing style the most impressive; the informative yet forever quirky and cute articles always leave me in awe. She is down to earth and out there and when I grow up I want to be just like her!

xx E
PS. The photo comes from Tavi's insanely awesome blog.

Monday, October 25, 2010

That red sweater inspired by Little Red Riding Hood

Here I am wearing a thrifted Red sweater, Op shop necklaces and red velvet bow tie, Levis denim shorts customized by myself, a vintage handbag and my new black RMK staple heels.

I haven't posted for two days, naughty me but I took heaps of photos on the weekend which I'll post throughout the week. Also I went shopping on the Saturday so I have a couple of NEW purchases to show you all, I am wearing my new shoes above! I am particularly excited about a certain item but I'll show you some pics later on.

Hope you are loving life, if not start now!

xx E

Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Black Dress

Featured here is Olivia Harrison from . I just love her edgy style and blood red lips. Plus I am rather jealous that her hair is naturally that colour!

Make today a great one!

xx E

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have a love affair with your Nana's wardrobe

There is certain buzz I feel when I take that first step into an Op Shop because I never know what I will find. The thrill of the chase is what gets me going and you never get that problem whereby you share the same wardrobe as your friend as Vintage clothing is mostly unique or "one off". Therefore I see "Pre-loved" clothing  like a Chanel but for once I can afford it! The rarity of finding that amazing black leather jacket (I'll show you pics soon) and lace dress to the beauty of well preserved glow-mesh clip purses and bags. Let's just say the smell of moth balls and old people makes me giddy, the older the better I say. But nothing beats a county Thrift shop because think about it, there are more old people that have lived here!

For newbies to Op Shopping here are some simple pointers:
  • Have a certain type of clothing in mind before you step through the door, for example a bag, skirt, top ect.
  • Next go for colour or patterns that appeal to you because the isles of crammed clothing can overwhelm quickly and easily.
  • Finally do NOT give up! Take your time and enjoy the process.  

Have fun searching for you dream _____(fill in the blank)

xx E

P.S I took these shots today around sun set, comment if you like.

Here I am wearing a Vintage blue patterned dress with a thrifted pleated skirt over the top, my mums braided brown leather belt and leather clogs.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Golly gosh it is only 72 days until NEW YEARS!!

Was it just me or did the months between June and now just disappear? Did someone hit fast forward like on the movie "Click" or are our lives simply too busy? Perhaps we all need to take time to smell the roses or just to sit and appreciate all the things around us. I dare you to take a moment and a breather.

This year a group of friends and myself are heading down to Phillip Island for the Pyramid Rock Festival and let's just say I'm a little bit excited about the prospect of beginning the new year listening to Temper Trap, Operator Please, N.E.R.D, Xavier Rudd and Little Red. Yes, life indeed can be sweet. What's more nothing beats festival fashion!

Have fun having fun.

xx E

PS. Once again Kirst helped me out with this one, thanks love.
PPS I'm having spaghetti for tea, YUM!

Here I am wearing a Vintage patterned blazer and Sportsgirl denim.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creating lists gives you a sense of purpose

I am a list maker and if I had it my way, this blog would have the title of "The List Maker" but unfortunately that title was already taker. Bugger.
 I find lists indeed very helpful as they represent friendly reminders and writing them uses unwanted waiting time at work. There is also that sense of accomplishment when you cross things off that never ending list of "To Do's". What's more when one writes a task down it gives us the motivation to go forward and do the dam job! Hence writing lists will in the end be the answer to world peace.
Here is my list:

  • Post something witty and fashionable everyday
  • Try and do some sort of exercise daily (atm I am loving Zumba)
  • Read my book
  • Save enough money to buy a Chanel bag and the insurance to cover it
  • Smile more and eat less chocolate
So, now that I've made a list I can make it all happen right.....?? Perhaps it wont be that simple because I really do love chocolate!

Happy list making!

xx E

P.S Kirst helped me out with these shots too, they have been taken the lougeroom at my parents place. Enjoy.

P.P.S I couldn't decide whether I preferred the pics with or without the flash. Let me know what you think.

Here I am wearing my Mum's old wooden clogs, Sportsgirl jeans, a Vintage blue and red spotted blouse and a thrift shop brown leather jacket.


Indulgence by PomPomLace featuring a double breasted coat
Displayed are the key pieces that I wish to some day own.. beg borrow or steal I will get my hands on a Chanel quilted bag, a Balmain jacket and jeans and a pair of Dior shoes.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I love to laugh and to craft.

Today was a good day. But Mondays are always good cause I love catching up on all my fave fashion blogs. My top six are as follows:

My dear friend Kirst helped me out with these shots on the weekend. The black necklace I crafted out of a piece of chain and black stretchy material, I just wove the material through each gap in the chain and tied a bow to join both ends, super simple and super cheap! Also, I made the bow using a vintage pattern that I bought from the local Op Shop and then added a square of beading, a random blue button and a stud I stole off an old belt, I then threaded it onto one of my necklaces, easy!

Hope you're having fun!

xx E

Here I'm wearing a Vintage black detailed sweater, a black bow necklace made by myself, a floral bow crafted by me, thrift shop shorts, American Apparel black knee high socks, WinsorSmith black swede wedges, a ring by Just Jeans and an op shop leather backpack.