Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have a love affair with your Nana's wardrobe

There is certain buzz I feel when I take that first step into an Op Shop because I never know what I will find. The thrill of the chase is what gets me going and you never get that problem whereby you share the same wardrobe as your friend as Vintage clothing is mostly unique or "one off". Therefore I see "Pre-loved" clothing  like a Chanel but for once I can afford it! The rarity of finding that amazing black leather jacket (I'll show you pics soon) and lace dress to the beauty of well preserved glow-mesh clip purses and bags. Let's just say the smell of moth balls and old people makes me giddy, the older the better I say. But nothing beats a county Thrift shop because think about it, there are more old people that have lived here!

For newbies to Op Shopping here are some simple pointers:
  • Have a certain type of clothing in mind before you step through the door, for example a bag, skirt, top ect.
  • Next go for colour or patterns that appeal to you because the isles of crammed clothing can overwhelm quickly and easily.
  • Finally do NOT give up! Take your time and enjoy the process.  

Have fun searching for you dream _____(fill in the blank)

xx E

P.S I took these shots today around sun set, comment if you like.

Here I am wearing a Vintage blue patterned dress with a thrifted pleated skirt over the top, my mums braided brown leather belt and leather clogs.