Monday, June 27, 2011

Look Book 2.

xx E

Out On The Town.

I have arrived home safe from my EPIC road trip along the Great Ocean Road and am already missing the beach even if it is freezing cold out. I will post some photos of my mini journey some time this week! So stay tuned!

This outfit is recreated from last weeks outing to celebrate the end of exams. I had to recreate as I was too excited to take photos as I only had a short amount of time to get ready and get my drink on!
Once again I am wearing my new Litas which I adore! Accompanying my shoes I am wearing a pair of American Apparel socks, Sportsgirl tights, a supre skirt, thrifted T and a vintage fur bag. I love the intense rich colour of this T shirt and I only managed to find it as I was walking out of a Camberwell Op Shop, so I was VERY lucky to discover such a beautiful treasure.

Hope your having a good time!

xx E  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Thursday Look.

Hype me. I dare you.

xx E

Winter Wool.

Exams are over and now holidays have began! So my best friend and I have decided to take a mini trip down to the coast. Yes, winter is a great time to visit the beach with the average temperature around 15 degrees but the journey will be more fun than the destination! We are going to travel down the Great Ocean Road so I will have my camera ready for some great ocean shots. Ah, the ocean I can't wait to see you again!

Todays outfit is all about comfort. Since I will be travelling for a few hours tonight I thought worn in jeans are the perfect option teamed with a thrifted sweater, Sportsgirl scarf, Payless boots and a vintage bag.

Let's hope the weather will be kind to us! By kind I mean not raining and only a slight breeze.

Hope you're having fun!

xx E

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Look Book.

xx E

Maroon and Mustard.

What a good way procrastinate during exam time then to update my blog! Over the last week I have had two exams and now I only have two left! Hooray half way home! The end is in sight. 

This was my study outfit for today and yes I actually was wearing heels but they were my Jeffrey Campbells so I only changed my shoes and added a borrowed fedora hat to complete the look.   
I am wearing my lovely Wittner patent leather pumps, black leggings from Kmart, a Target watch, a hat borrowed from my neighbour Claire and a beautifully mustard vintage jacket. 
Cherry red and mustard, what a autumn time colour combo, pity it is winter otherwise I might have been able to hide amongst the coloured leaves. Sigh. Autumn is over and only the cold and wet remains. 

Nevertheless, I need to get back to economics. The books aren't going to read themselves unfortunately!

If its exam time for you at the moment too I wish you luck and study hard, the results will be worth the sweat and possible tears.

xx E

Show Me Some Hype.

Wearing my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas, thrifted shorts and shirt.

xx E

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm in Heaven.

Everyone loves receiving presents in the mail but this was just something else. After an exam in the morning, my day didn't start out the greatest but when I noticed a beautiful small red slip in my mail I screamed and ran to the office to collect my parcel! I then ran back to my unit all giddy like a child on Christmas morning. I got a little excited. OK. Very  excited.

And yes I did in fact have my a Cinderella moment when I first tried them on. I think my feet felt they were finally home. Cheesy, corny? Definitely, but this was a defining moment. I have waited nearly a year to try these babies on and now I have a delicious pair of my own, swoon.

To my new love, you are not exactly the most conventional type of relationship but you truly are satisfying.

xx E

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell.

Picture from Anntika
FINALLY I have been able to purchase my very own pair of Litas!!! Hurray! Currently they are travelling through the post all the way from America! I can't wait to actually try them on to see if they are as comfortable as everyone says they are!

I am a hoping for a Cinderella shoe moment when they arrive!
Wish me luck!

xx E