Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maroon and Mustard.

What a good way procrastinate during exam time then to update my blog! Over the last week I have had two exams and now I only have two left! Hooray half way home! The end is in sight. 

This was my study outfit for today and yes I actually was wearing heels but they were my Jeffrey Campbells so I only changed my shoes and added a borrowed fedora hat to complete the look.   
I am wearing my lovely Wittner patent leather pumps, black leggings from Kmart, a Target watch, a hat borrowed from my neighbour Claire and a beautifully mustard vintage jacket. 
Cherry red and mustard, what a autumn time colour combo, pity it is winter otherwise I might have been able to hide amongst the coloured leaves. Sigh. Autumn is over and only the cold and wet remains. 

Nevertheless, I need to get back to economics. The books aren't going to read themselves unfortunately!

If its exam time for you at the moment too I wish you luck and study hard, the results will be worth the sweat and possible tears.

xx E

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