Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Golly gosh it is only 72 days until NEW YEARS!!

Was it just me or did the months between June and now just disappear? Did someone hit fast forward like on the movie "Click" or are our lives simply too busy? Perhaps we all need to take time to smell the roses or just to sit and appreciate all the things around us. I dare you to take a moment and a breather.

This year a group of friends and myself are heading down to Phillip Island for the Pyramid Rock Festival and let's just say I'm a little bit excited about the prospect of beginning the new year listening to Temper Trap, Operator Please, N.E.R.D, Xavier Rudd and Little Red. Yes, life indeed can be sweet. What's more nothing beats festival fashion!

Have fun having fun.

xx E

PS. Once again Kirst helped me out with this one, thanks love.
PPS I'm having spaghetti for tea, YUM!

Here I am wearing a Vintage patterned blazer and Sportsgirl denim.

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