Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creating lists gives you a sense of purpose

I am a list maker and if I had it my way, this blog would have the title of "The List Maker" but unfortunately that title was already taker. Bugger.
 I find lists indeed very helpful as they represent friendly reminders and writing them uses unwanted waiting time at work. There is also that sense of accomplishment when you cross things off that never ending list of "To Do's". What's more when one writes a task down it gives us the motivation to go forward and do the dam job! Hence writing lists will in the end be the answer to world peace.
Here is my list:

  • Post something witty and fashionable everyday
  • Try and do some sort of exercise daily (atm I am loving Zumba)
  • Read my book
  • Save enough money to buy a Chanel bag and the insurance to cover it
  • Smile more and eat less chocolate
So, now that I've made a list I can make it all happen right.....?? Perhaps it wont be that simple because I really do love chocolate!

Happy list making!

xx E

P.S Kirst helped me out with these shots too, they have been taken the lougeroom at my parents place. Enjoy.

P.P.S I couldn't decide whether I preferred the pics with or without the flash. Let me know what you think.

Here I am wearing my Mum's old wooden clogs, Sportsgirl jeans, a Vintage blue and red spotted blouse and a thrift shop brown leather jacket.

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