Monday, October 18, 2010

I love to laugh and to craft.

Today was a good day. But Mondays are always good cause I love catching up on all my fave fashion blogs. My top six are as follows:

My dear friend Kirst helped me out with these shots on the weekend. The black necklace I crafted out of a piece of chain and black stretchy material, I just wove the material through each gap in the chain and tied a bow to join both ends, super simple and super cheap! Also, I made the bow using a vintage pattern that I bought from the local Op Shop and then added a square of beading, a random blue button and a stud I stole off an old belt, I then threaded it onto one of my necklaces, easy!

Hope you're having fun!

xx E

Here I'm wearing a Vintage black detailed sweater, a black bow necklace made by myself, a floral bow crafted by me, thrift shop shorts, American Apparel black knee high socks, WinsorSmith black swede wedges, a ring by Just Jeans and an op shop leather backpack.

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