Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I think I might have a thing for black shoes.

These are rmk heels I bought on the weekend just gone. I love the detail on the T-bar.

These are Whittner brogues I bought from Melbourne. I haven't quite worn them in yet but they are still fantastic.

These are Winsorsmith swede wedges. Super soft and hard wearing. Perfection.

Over the last month I have bought 3 pairs of shoes! I think this new fetish may have derived from reading too many glossy magazines and viewing blogs such at Fashiontoast. The humble shoe, I have come to believe can make or breaks an outfit. They are the defining point or the icing on the cake some would say. Plus I want to learn how to walk in heels all day, my ultimate goal is be able to go shopping in them.

Hope you are looking after your feet!

xx E  


  1. The shoes are absolutly amazing! I wish I owned the ones from photo 4!

  2. Thanks. I'm stoked someone from overseas is viewing my blog. Wow. You just made my day.

    xx E

    ps. the swede wedges are super comfy too