Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes Its Good To Copy.


The pink elephant purse was a gift from my sister, she bought it when she went overseas. It comes from either Thailand or Vietnam but I can't remember which! I love how it is a token Asian souvenir and who can go past the amazingly vibrant colour?
Along side the imported purse I am wearing a thrifted blue singlet, patterned Supre skirt, handmade chain necklace, a Target watch and MAC "Amplified Girl About Town" lip stick.
On my feet I am wearing my Balmain rip-offs from Novo, I wore these shoes with my formal dress which is inspired by Balmain's Spring 09. I fell in love with the idea of the mullet dress and to this day I still adore them! So glamorous and intense. Awesome!
With the help of a God like seamstress we constructed my blue mullet masterpiece. It's name is the "Maurem Mullet" (Maureen and Emma squished together) and it now lives in an old vintage hat box neatly rapped in purple tissue. The dress took a couple of months to complete and I can't believe the savings! Instead of a $15,000 dress I made mine for under $200!
Balmain is definitely my all time favourite designer and I will forever pursue my dream of purchasing my very own piece of Balmain magic.

Wish me luck!

xx E

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