Sunday, January 30, 2011

Airing Out Dirty Laundry.

I just love this dress! I discovered its awesomeness a while back in an Echuca Op Shop and I only remembered it was hidden in my wardrobe TODAY! Even though it is a little big for me and usually this doesn't bother me as nearly all my clothes are over size 14! but with a tailored dress like this, it needs to go in at the waist otherwise it looks just TERRIBLE! So with the help of a trusty floral belt the dress fits perfectly and looks like magic.
I had fun twirling around as this dress is just made for it. The skirt is so full that it is very deceiving, there is a lot of fabric floating around there.
The items added to complete this look include RMK heels (I need a new pair of funky heels desperately!), a Target watch (my new daily staple), a thrifted beaded necklace, floral belt stolen from my sis and a Sportsgirl hat.
Elegant yet full of fun. Add a glo mesh purse and you are ready for a high tea with all your ladies.

Hope you had a good weekend!

xx E

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