Friday, January 28, 2011

The Forty Cent Dress.

I found this dress slash over sized T on the 40 cent rack out the front of a Heathcote Op Shop. What a BARGAIN! At first when I saw the sign attached to the rack stating the ridiculously low price, I simply smiled to myself and thought "this is the reason I love Op Shopping!". The second thought was "why didn't it say 50 cents or $1? Forty cents is just the strangest amount. Once I got over thinking about the craziness of it all I discovered this lovely melon colored dress with intense shoulder pads (man I love a good shoulder pad!). This is impulse buying at its best because who needs to try something on when it costs 40 cents? What's more I was waiting for my mum to get some hot drinks so I had a total of 5 minutes to look around this crowded little shop filled to the brim with thrifting goodness.
Within 5 minutes I was able to locate two pairs of brown leather shoes (featured in my last two posts here and here), a awesome peroxided denim jacket featured here and the above dress. Let's just say I got lucky.

The most expensive item in the entire outfit is the long fake pearl necklace from Diva. That statement right there shows how cheap this outfit was to put together! The blue pleated skirt, short pear necklace and heels were thrifted, the black necklace was handmade, the belt was a magazine free-bee and the watch is Target.

Individual style DOES NOT have to cost a million dollars, it can cost as little as 40 cents.
Happy bargain hunting!

xx E      

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