Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day Equals Party Time.

Today is about celebrating how awesome it is to be an Australian. And what better way of celebrating this epic nation but to have an truly ripping party. 
Australia Day party check list. 
What you will need (beg borrow or steal):
  •  A token Australia flag T
  • Some Thongs
  • Vegemite eaten with everything
  • Snags on the BBQ
  • Beers (in my case some cheap and nasty wine)
  • Aussie slang (eg. "G'day Mate", "Crikey", "Ya bloody ___(insert any word here)"
  • Radio so you can pump the Hottest 100 tunes
  • Possibly bake a pav if you are that way inclined
  • Sport a pair of  Sunnies, a hat and a lot of sunscreen
  • Be surrounded by heaps of your mates
Easy. Now all you have to do is kick back and enjoy another cracking public holiday.

To bring your focus back to the clothes, I am wearing the following items; a pair of thrifted shoes ($1-AWESOME) and high waisted shorts, a novelty Aussie flag T from Big W, an epic peroxide denim jacket also thrifted ($1 from the kids section) and the pocket watch necklace (worn on waist) was a gift. Also, that funny yellow tube featured in all the shots is a tube of Vegemite. What Australia Day can be celebrated without it?

Too all my fellow Aussies enjoy your day off!

xx E 


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