Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Purple Blazer and Wayne Cooper.

 I am wearing a thrifted blazer, blue shirt and scarf, Nudie jeans and my NEW Wayne Cooper pirate/biker boots

I finally had a chance to go home this past weekend! Yay! I hadn't been home for six weeks! It was great to catch up with all my lovely girl friends too!
And of course I was able to fit in a bit of op shopping as you know the op shops in the country shit all over the city counterparts! The purple blazer featured was one of my precious finds. Indeed I do love a good bright coloured oversized jacket! I love how it has a Zara vibe but only cost me $5. Win!

Also, this week I am attending the Deakin Commerce Society Ball on Thursday which will hopefully be really really fun because I am mega pumped. I am super excited about getting all dressed up and eating a proper meal. Thinking about the awesome food and free drinks will not help me get to sleep tonight!
Maybe I'll meet my prince charming at the ball. Perhaps I should wear glass slippers instead of my Jeffrey Campbells. Hmmm decisions, decisions.

Anyway I'm off to do some study.
Hope all is going well.

xx E

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