Monday, December 6, 2010

The Dark Days Are Over.

When things aren't going your way and you feel as though the world is against you, the only option left is to cry. Tears roll down your red blotchy face and anger rages from within. However after you've had your moment, you can put your worries into perspective and they simply float away. Life returns back to "normal" and you allow yourself to smile.
But why is it that life seems to throw you curve balls? Not only are they annoying but it makes it hard to focus on all the good stuff life has to offer. I have to remind myself daily that I have a beautiful family that supports me, amazing friends that make me laugh, a cat that likes my Dad more than me, a job that that pays, a roof over my head and a comfy bed to sleep in. When I think of the good stuff, the bad annoying parts simply just don't measure up!
Same goes with fashion. I love looking at glossy mags and even find myself getting envious about not being able to afford such high end fashion. I become jealous and depressed because "why can't I have a $5000 designer hand bag?". When I finally bring myself back down to earth I realize that not being given these items makes my style more innovative as I have to follow a strict fashion budget. Also, it develops my resourceful skills as I am constantly on the look out for bargain vintage piece or thrifted finds. However, one day I will own that designer hand bag and pumps. You can count on it!


Here I am surrounded by gorgeous cut outs of some of the outfits I adore. I love creating colleges and scrap books filled with mag clippings and jotted down ideas. As I am constantly surrounded by beautiful things it helps me visualize my goals ensure they are achieved!
In this get up I am wearing my lovely brown over sized leather jacket, a thrifted red floral baggy top, Sportsgirl denim cut offs and on my feet are high top Nikes teamed with army green socks. It is my attempt at grunge street cool.
Let me know if I pulled it off!

xx E

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