Monday, November 29, 2010

Warning! Due to flooding you cannot go to work.

Today I woke up to a lake out my window, the view was simultaneously picturesque and intimidating. The rising waters meant I was stranded at home however who is to refuse a free long weekend?
To give you an idea of how high the river rose I've taken a few pics, keep in mind where the water lies was previously a barren field, you can also see the submerged fence posts behind the large gum tree.
One word. MAGIC!

For this outfit I am wearing my vintage coat and tails which I found at Savers ($10.00-amazing!), customized denim threads (click here for the tutorial), a thrifted Sportscraft blouse and my sisters gum boots.  
Whilst at home today I managed to flick through a stack of magazines, craft an awesome headpiece which I will show you tomorrow, make rums balls and a banana loaf, did some Zumba and cooked dinner. Overall quite a randomly fun day. An Aussie "snow" day like I've always dreamed of! 

Truly once in a life time experience. Awesomely epic.

xx E

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