Sunday, November 28, 2010

Everything is cool when you're wearing leather.

It has truly been a lazy Sunday for me. I behaved myself last night and went to bed early, yet I still woke up tired as if I'd partied into the early hours of the morning. How is that just! Sometimes behaving yourself just doesn't pay off. 

Yesterday I had a surge of creative inspiration and worked non stop for two hours on a neck plate that I am constructing. Black with coloured feathers, tassels and loads of heavy texture, I can't wait to show you the completed product! I have a feeling neck plates or "bibs" will be epic this season and a definite essential when going out on the town.

So today whilst I was lounging around home I ended up watching the last half of "Uncle Buck" a classic 90's film that still manages to make me giggle even though I've seen it a thousand times. The dark black and brown heavy clothing inspired todays outfit. I found this leather jacket in an Echuca Op shop for $15.00 and it is surprisingly light and super soft. It is a tad over sized but I love how it adds that touch of grunge rock to any outfit. I teamed the awesome jacket with a Minkpink mullet T shirt, Supre leggings, my sisters "Nancy" boots,  and handcrafted bow tie necklace. Also in my hair I am wearing a material flower made by myself out of scrap material and an odd button. Simple and uncomplicated. Easy style to copy and steal.

What kind of awesomeness did you get up to this weekend?
Hope you had fun doing it!

xx E

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