Friday, November 26, 2010

Clash of the titans.

There is always something mythical about the calm before the storm. The wind slowly gets stronger and there is a weird silence where not even the birds dare to disturb it. Today's outfit is all about combining the calm and storm. The calm hues of aqua blues and dreamy purples clashing violently with vintage floral and geometric patterns. A non-match matching perfectly. Remember to clash the clash, break fashion's don't and make them a do! Where sparkley socks and grandpa slip-ons with a hippy print mullet dress. Be wild. Be daring. Be YOU.

   Here I am wearing a vintage floral blouse, thrifted shirt, Minkpink printed mullet dress, Country Road socks, thrifted shoes and a handmade necklace and button bracelet crafted by myself. I am also surrounded by vintage and thrifted finds (I have a new fetish for suitcases!).

I'm off to a perfume party tomorrow, hopefully I will find the perfect Emma scent! Wish me luck!

Happy voting fellow Victorians.

xx E

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