Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's a glorious day for gossip.

When it is raining cats and dogs, you can only resort to one option and that is watching as many episodes of Gossip Girl as one can handle. Today my mum and me did 7. How many can you do?
However after our marathon viewing (we managed one small break for lunch) I have concluded that I NEED to buy designer clothes and BAGS otherwise I will be classified as a "Brooklyn Wannabe" or a second class citizen. Quite frankly GG makes me depressed but I can't stop watching. It is a sick addiction, one that I share with the majority of Gossip Girl fans I am sure.
Oh to be able the have Blair's wardrobe, Serena's hair and Jenny's style. And don't even get me started on the men. I know it's only TV but really, people actually live like that and knowing this makes it even harder and more depressing.
But alas! The show must go on and I will get by as I believe I will get that designer IT bag and Jimmy Choo pumps one day because success will come. All I have to do is BELIEVE. Yes I have read "The Secret" and I love it- no denying. Magic is real-you create it yourself!

This outfit is inspired by Jenny's punk glamor look minus the panda eyes and designer bag of course! Both the T and pleated patterned skirt are thrifted. You can see the matching jacket here as I bought it as a set. TIP: don't look past the grandma suits in the Op Shops, not only do you get a mad pleated skirt (this seasons must have, remember to tie a knot on the bottom) but a rad jacket that is truly individual when teamed with denim cut offs or a clashing print shift dress. Think outside the square when creating outfits, you never know what awesomeness you'll come up with!
Also the tights were a freebe from a magazine, the necklace came from Diva and the "Nancey" boots are my sisters.

How beautiful is the night sky, so many layers of blue, grey and gold. Sometimes our lives are so busy we forget to look up and appreciate the ever evolving beauty.

Enjoy a sunset.

XOXO Gossip Girl. Sorry couldn't resist!

xx E


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