Sunday, November 21, 2010

DIY Distressed Denim Threads.

I was twiddling my thumbs on Saturday morning and decided I should get my craft on. I am always a fan of ripped, grungy threads so I thought I would add some detailing to an old pair of black skinnies. The initial design features were inspired by Dylana however the studs and ties just evolved.

To make a pair of your own you will need the following:

First of all you need to pop your jeans on and mark were you want to cut using a dress makers pencil, I just marked above and below my knees and below one bum cheek.
Once jeans are marked up its time a cut, make sure your cuts are crooked and jaggered so that the distressing process is more speedy. With some cuts I cut a small rectangle so that you could see more skin.
Next its time to attack your denim with a cheese grater using the finer grater side in a circular or random motion. Tip: place a piece of cardboard between the layers so you don't cut through the other side of your pants.
Now its time to embellish! Using the scraps from the rectangle cut outs, make ties to distinguish the cuts and show more skin. I also added studs from an old belt I had lying around to add a bit of punk glamor.
All in all this project took roughly half an hour and was super easy! Try it out your self and send me the pics. I'd love to see your handy work!

A part from the jeans I am wearing a thrifted floral blouse and metalic gold T and Whittner brogues.
If you want more detailed instructions just leave a comment. I'd be happy to share my secrets!

Hope you had a good weekend! I did!

xx E
FYI the first photo was taken after I made the distressed jeans as I was experiencing a rush of creative inspiration at the time, no time for shots you see! So those pictured jeans are my trusty black nudies, I could never cut those.

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