Thursday, December 16, 2010

I was who I am

 Tonight I went for dinner with my lovely girlfriends to discuss our New Years plans. Hurray! I am so excited! The holiday season is fast approaching and the my whole vibe is fully pumped. Three days of awesome festival fashion, sick beats and drinks with friends. What better way to spend ones time during the silly season?
I wore this outfit down the the local Pub, it comprises of thrifted shoes, Sportsgirl denim cut-offs, a thrifted leopard print T, a vintage blue jacket and brown purse. In my hair a I wearing a handcrafted demented flower which I made out of scrap floral material and an odd blue flower button. I simply cut out two short skinny strips of fabric, folded them in half  to look like the Pink Ribbon symbol then sewed together with a small folded (extra) piece of fabric on the back (this is to enable the flower to be threaded onto a hair pin), for more detail I then added a button. To finish just thread it on to a bobby pin and pop it into your hair. Easy!

Happy creating.

xx E

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