Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday Best

Hello. Long time no talk too! I apologize as I had a super busy weekend in addition with not having the use of a camera! On Saturday I made a demented turkey pillow for my lovely friend Maddi's as it was her birthday. It is very quirky/weird and I hope to show some pics very soon.
My sixth sense for Op Shopping greatness was working in overdrive as I also stumbled upon a $5 bag sale at the local Salvation Army. The definition of a $5 bag sale is as follows; stuff as many clothes into a plastic carry bag as possible and ONLY PAY $5!! I thank  the awesome individual who ever thought up that one! In the midst of everything I was able to find some wicked blouses, a couple of dresses, a mad denim shirt and a patterned maxi shirt, all of which you will see in the near future. All in all my Saturday was EPIC!
 However the past weekend has also taught me NOT to TRUST vodka as the next morning is so terrible even a marathon of Twilight movies can't make the pain go away!

O-Kay let's get back to the fashion! Today I am wearing a vintage floral dress which I bought my in an Echuca charity shop last week. I teamed it with a Dotti layered necklace, Sporstgirl hat, rmk tasseled heels and two chunky rings (one is from Just Jeans and the other was a gift from my sister when she went traveling in Cambodia). The ring featured on my index finger is the special one however unfortunately the photos are a tad blurred. It has a detailed rose carved in the centre with leaves flowing out from underneath the petals, it is definitely a beautiful piece.   

Hope you're all sorted for Chrissy cause "Santa Claus is coming..."

And finally, talk to me people, tell me what you think!

xx E

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