Thursday, December 9, 2010


I forgot to take my book the work today, I was running late as per usual. Currently I am reading the second novel of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes, I am a major Rings fan and I don't deny it! So instead of reading for an hour I was FORCED to go Op Shopping, well really the only reason I read other than for enjoyment is to make myself NOT to go thrifting! I have to keep myself busy during my breaks otherwise I'd be spending money on stuff EVERYDAY!
For todays discoveries I found a beautiful vintage red suitcase (just one more to add to the collection!), a floral dress that drops to my ankles with lovely black and beige tones, TWO tan leather handbags, a pair of sunnies (that shortly after purchase a screw came loose so an arm fell off!) and finally these amazing OJAY red spotted high waisted pants as featured above.
Well did I hit the jackpot when I came across these beauties! I myself think it was fate that I left my book at home so basically I was MEANT to find them.Not only are they super comfy but I would definitely feel comfortable wearing them to a fancy art gallery or posh cafe. They scream "LOOK AT ME" and I love it!

A part from the awesomely amazing spotted pants, I am wearing a Supre blouse, Target pumps (which are definitely "ten minute shoes") and the chain necklace made by me. I was feeling very high end modelish today so I wore my hair in a top knot! If only I were 6 ft tall and carrying around a Chanel.

Happy dreaming.

xx E

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