Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's change my name to Emily Fitch.

Yesterday I got my hair done and as you might be able to tell I got it really RED. The shade is a gorgeous cherry red which I adore because is it the exact colour of Emily Fitch's hair (the beautiful twin from Skins season 3 & 4). Basically I fell in love with the amazing colour and full on copied it! My natural hair colour is chocolate brown so it was a major change for me (I've been red since April) but I don't think I'll ever go back. This colour is just so fun and vibrant!

In the above pics I am wearing my favourite NUDIE jeans, WindsorSmith swede wedges, a vintage satin blouse and a thrifted purple velvet bow tie. These shoes are a perfect height as I can wear them to work and for play, they can handle anything. And most importantly they are extremely comfortable and HOT!

If you haven't seen Skins definitely check it out! The crazy clothes and mad characters make it an extreme experience.  

Hope you're having fun.

xx E

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