Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY tights.

Hello all! I apologize for the non existent posts over the last couple of weeks but it couldn't be helped. Put simply my time was spent grieving with my family and friends so I was just too busy. 

These photos were taken with the help of my sister a while back (I gave the tripod a day off). The series showcases an outfit I wore to my friends birthday dinner. I am wearing the following; a vintage cream jacket, my Dad's Jimmy Hendrix T, a black mini skirt, Sportsgirl "LOVE" necklace, Zula heels, black socks and my DIY shredded tights.
To make your own pair of ripped punk inspired tights you will need a pair of tights (preferably thin ones with a low denier count) and some sandpaper. The method is quite simple put on the tights and start creating holes and ladders with the sand paper. I used a circular motion to create the circle holes and a downwards sweeping motion to create the ladders. You can shred as little or a lot, depending on your style. TIP you can use your old tights to save some dollars. Happy creating!

I'm off on a road trip tomorrow, hurray! Pyramid Rock festival here I come! I'm very excited as I received a new camera for Christmas and can't wait to snap up the awesome festival fashion. It will be a feast for my eyes.

Hope your NYE plans are coming along nicely.

xx E   


  1. i am so in love with your jacket! its unbelievably adorable <3 great photos dear!

  2. Thanks, it was a gift from a friend. I really appreciate the comment too :)
    x E