Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sparkles and lacey socks

Last night I went out for a birthday dinner with the ladies. We had mexican but not because of the food (it is kinda shit there).We went because of the fishbowl margaritas! I myself didn't have one (no hangover for me!) but they do taste delicious and you get this sick Mexican hat to take home as a souvenir. Awesome!
Basically I wore a vintage sparkly T (one of my fav finds), old faded leggings, a blue vintage jacket sourced in a Melbourne Savers, lace socks from my sister for Christmas, Whittner shiney brogues, an over sized watch from Target, a random black ring and a Sportsgirl necklace. Simple comfortable style. This look says easygoing but quirky at the same time, perfect for a evening of vulgar laughs with the girls.

 NB. Sorry about the non existent photos from my awesome time at Pyramid Rock Festival but my camera didn't arrive in the post! Dam you mail man! However I am trying to scrounge up some pics from my mates, hopefully they will be adequate!

All the best for 2011! Make sure you make EVERY moment count!

xx E

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