Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Night What To Do.

Wearing: Windsor Smith wedges, DIY denim threads, thrifted blouse, variety of rings and MAC lipstick.

As I am sitting here I am pondering the many ideas of what I could do to entertain myself for this evening. On one hand there is karaoke at a near by pub and on the other is to stay home and work my assignments. Hmm it is going to be a tough decision. Or maybe I could just sit back with a block of chocolate and watch Inception as everyone has been talking about it.  Ah! Too many options! Some more likely than others!!

Tomorrow I'm off to Geelong to play netball against the res kids at the Geelong campus of Deakin. Hopefully I WONT be raining! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

May you weekend turn out slendid!

xx E


  1. If that post is anything to go by, I hope you didn't work on your assignments since you may have to go back and check through for typos!! :P

  2. haha yeah no assignment work got done : )
    i dont have mum to edit my posts.
    xx E