Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY Purple Denim.

What to do on Saturday afternoon but to cut up some old denim threads whilst dreaming of finer weather. For this project I used an old pair of Cotton On jeans which I picked up for $10 on sale ages back. 
The method:
Basically I tried on the jeans, drew where I wanted the hole to be, took off the jeans (obviously!), cut between the lines, next I got out a grater and de-stressed the edges to rough em up a bit and added some safety pins and studs. EASY! Under 30 minutes of DIY magic. Please do try this at home!

To complement my newly re-invented jeans I wore my WindsorSmith wedges (a definite season must have), a thrifted patterned blouse and a vintage swede jacket.

If you are getting tired of your old daggy jeans, re invent them! If you're wanting to add studs buy a cheap studded belt and take off the studs using a knife (thats what I do). I still haven't perfected the perfect de-stressed fraying but I will get there one day, one pair of jeans at a time!

Enjoy getting your craft on!

xx E 

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