Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orientation Week.

Thrifted army green sweater, Target bike shorts and watch, my DIY shredded tights, a variety of rings and my sisters "Nancy" boots.

Wow what a busy week it has been! I officially moved onto the Burwood Student Residencies at Deakin last Sunday, so this past week has been jammed packed with O-Week activities and parties!
Throughout the week I have dressed up in my pirate gear, an 80's get up and my "bright and tights". Also, I have consumed a weetbix biscuit covered with sunscreen (not recommended to try at home, it tastes rank!), a raw egg, part of a red chilli and drank A LOT of alcohol.
It has been an intense week with information overload but I can safely say I've met some amazing people and feel very excited about the year ahead!

I'm off to a "Smarty" party tonight!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

xx E

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