Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Off To See The City, A Wonderful City In Oz.

I am wearing a vintage hat and dress, random black socks and Rubi Shoes commando boots. Also, the amazing floral blazer hanging up in the background I found in a local Oppy.

In less than 12 hours I will be moving out of home and heading down to MELBOURNE! OMG O-Week is about to begin!  After some fairly in depth debate with friends and family I have decided  for the Beach Party to dress as a pirate (I found this wicked pirate hat for $4 at a cheap shop!) and for the Super Hero Party I've chosen to go as one of the Incredibles (the stretchy Mum one!). I just LOVE themed parties so I am MEGA pumped! Orientation Week is going to be EPIC! Organized events left, right and centre and I have an appointment to meet the Dean (which I am still undecided about what to wear!). WOW I am going to be busy!  
In tribute to my beautiful (half empty) bedroom that has treated me so well, I have taken these shots tonight with what is left of my wardrobe. I have packed two large boxes full of clothes and have created a shortlist of 10 bags (choosing which bags made the cut was VERY difficult!) and I also have a suitcase full of shoes! I hope there will be enough room in my little shoe box to fit everything!

Hope you sleep well, I know I wont!

xx E

PS Wish me luck!

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