Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving Out, Moving In.

 Here I am standing on the balcony at BroadBeach Queensland wearing a thrifted blouse and floral romper, a borrowed belt, RMK heels and handmade button bracelets.

Wow! I officially MOVE OUT this Sunday! I can't believe how quickly my move in date has come around. I can clearly remember this time last year as I was frantically applying for jobs to fill in my gap year!
Orientation Week is going to be EPIC! Already I have booked my tickets for the "Beach Party" but am having real trouble deciding what to wear! Can anybody out there help me with this?? I DO NOT want to strut around in a skimpy bikini top and skirt as for one I am so NOT tanned and plus after I have a few drinks my "sucking in" tummy muscles will go on strike (beach babe with a pot belly-so NOT cute!). I think I might be leaning towards a life guard or a palm tree but still very undecided!

Let me know if you have any "Beach Party" get up ideas!

Thank you in advance.

xx E


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