Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh What A Night.

Strapless dress from Girl Star, lace shorts and pearl bracelet borrowed from a friend, rings from Rubi Shoes and heels are from Zulu.

Hanging out with mates on the weekend can only equate to good times. So with my bag packed with all the party essentials (heels, cheap wine and bright lip stick) I headed off the Bendigo accompanied by a friend for a great night out on the town. We did a lot of dancing (my poor feet are still sore!), laughing and not to mention drinking! A hot tip for every party goer out there; three is the best number of people to go out with as you always stick together and it never gets boring! But as always there is a downside of having TOO much fun as I definitely did NOT feel my Sunday best today that is for sure! However a Maccas cheese burger did help with the hangover!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

xx E