Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What A Fine State To Be In.

Thrifted high waisted shorts, Mink Pink one piece bathers and dress (worn as cape), Equip sunglasses, and Soles gladiator sandals.

I have just arrived home from my mini vacation to Broad Beach in the lovely state of Queensland. Sun, sand, beaches, theme parks and good times! What's NOT to love?
Our apartment was amazing and had the most incredible ocean views! How I would love to live by the sea!
My week was pretty busy from spending three days screaming my head off at the theme parks, playing tennis, splashing around in the pool and ocean,  walking over FIVE kilometers in search of Op shops (it was so HOT-30 degrees!) and eating some amazing food (ranging from Italian to Indian to Thai). The soles of my feet are still recovering from the amount of walking I have done!    
I even managed to get a slight tan and not get sunburnt! Amazing! However I have noticed a few nasty freckles have popped up on my face-one of the disadvantages of dozing in the midday sun.
It was kind of sad leaving the ocean but the fact that it was raining cats and dogs as we were waiting at the airport was very comforting. The weather all week was perfect so to leave at just the right time made our week even more special.

Hope the weather is treating you well.

xx E

PS. The pieces I found from the Broad Beach Op Shops are epic so stay tuned!

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