Thursday, November 11, 2010

Under the weather.

Note to self; do not binge after a zumba session, you will feel sick and gross afterwards. Take this lession and use it for yourself. Zumba equals goods. Binging equals bad.
As I am writing this my tummy ache is disappearing. Hurray. But sadly I have no new outfit photos to share with you all. Instead I have dug up some relatively recent shots of my bedroom. Hope you enjoy! I bought my bed from a friend and painted the legs black to give it a more French provincial look. And the wire heart is filled with those free postcards that you find in awesome inner city cafes and my collection of sunglasses. The large print is from an Op Shop in Elmore and the small picture was a gift from my grandma.

Make sure you keep laughing to yourself.

xx E


  1. thanks for your sweet comment my dear! your blog is lovely, following you also :) x