Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All dressed up and no where to go.

I got this dress given to me by a family friend a few years back and even though I struggle to fit into it I think it is fabulous. The cut is so flattering and I love the black lace, it also has an amazing low back but the photos I took didn't make the cut. These socks I found at Country Road and the silk scarf was thrifted locally. Also the vintage bow tie worn as a head piece was discovered in an Op Shop. Score! The shoes are rmk.
The aim behind this outfit was to wear items of clothing differently for instance I used inspiration from an old post here to use a head scarf as a wrist piece and using a bow tie as a head band. Both personal touches add quirk to an otherwise "OK" or "FINE" outfit. Two words one does not want their look to be described!
Oh and the "E" letter was just used for shits and gigs.

I finally get my hair done this weekend. Hurray, so excited! I don't know whether to get a crooked fringe or just a short full fringe. What do you think??    

Live Life

xx E

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