Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fringe Benefits

Today I got my hair cut! And after much consideration I went for the crooked fringe (thanks Kirb). I have also changed my usual colour by adding a bit of copper. Seeing so many beautiful red heads on the web has again influenced my decision in making my locks that little bit more "natural" looking but I might decide to go back to cherry red again. So many choices! Remember to WATCH THIS SPACE.

For todays outfit I have decide to go back to basics with a simple military green sweater which I thrifted in Echuca and denim cut off's that were hand-me-downs. My beloved vintage cowboy boots are also featured because they are just so dam cool. The necklace is another one of my creations, I simply threaded old buttons which I purchased from Oppy's onto some old twine I found lying around the house. Instant individual touch. I found the old brown pouch bag in an Op shop in Bendigo. The wrist rap is crafted from my mums vintage plaited belt which I wrapped around my wrist hense "wrist rap", I am quite liking this idea so you will prob see many variations of this in posts to come.

Hope you have a rad weekend.

xx E

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