Sunday, May 15, 2011

Autumn Leaves and Nose Rings.

Emma wearing: Dad's green sweater, Mum's old denim shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Cotton On socks and Payless Shoes boots.

The end of my first trimester at university is fast approaching and I can taste the four or so weeks of vacation that awaits me. Ah, to be able to wake up and have no work or school obligations, pure bliss!
Life and time sure travels fast when you are having fun so make the most of EVERY moment!

This weekend I decided to put a metal ring in my nose, at the time it hurt a bit and I felt a little faint but now there is just a slight ache that I hope will disappear soon! I know a ring is bold but I thought a small stud was just that small and insignificant. I wanted to make a statement or have a major change. I think I have achieved my mission!

Important note: get out there, be BRAVE, BOLD and COURAGEOUS!
I dare you!

xx E


  1. omg you have a nose ring!!! and you did it yourself. you my love are a freak! i miss you muchly tho, and also look forward to the pure bliss that is uni holidays!! XOXO

  2. Yes I went to get it done by myself but i did pay someone to do it, so stop worrying!

    xx E

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