Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leopard Print Procrastination.

Hello! It has been a while since my last post and I'd love to say that I've been too busy with important overseas engagements and front row escapades but to be honest I had fallen into the university black hole and have only just found my way back. I have been filling my time with university play and more play and not much work. So basically over the last couple of days I have been locked in my house trying to do assignments and will be doing so till the end of the week. Yay to me! Tip to future millionaires out there develop a cure for procrastination, it is deadly and needs a cure!

I felt like experimenting today and why not be creative whilst procrastinating about your accounting assignment! During my day I have painted a canvas for my friends birthday (hope she likes it!), cleaned the house for mum (this is a novelty for me because I don't do it often!), harassed the cat and made a crazy ass outfit as featured above. All in all a very productive day, I'll just have to my accounting later.....after tea.....maybe tomorrow.

My outfit from the ground up features some black target pumps, a thrifted maxi shirt (looks like a doily) and floral T, a leopard print shirt that I cut the sleeves off, my Mums gold belt, Diva pearl necklace and Sportsgirl leather gloves.

Get amongst the crazy side of life. Enjoy creating.

xx E  


  1. love your work emma d. i miss you. we have both been home and havent even caught up .. i go back to uni tmrw so will seee you saturday at GTM. get pumped and cant wait to see your getup! Xx

  2. How terrible! We should of met up! Lazy by us!
    Yes slowly getting pumped for groove just need to do heaps of work before i go tho....
    Get excited about the get up.. i have ideas churning!
    xx E