Monday, January 10, 2011

Unpredictable Art.

Don't you just love when you look at something like a water stain and it clearly resembles an owl? Does that happen to you when you are gazing at exposed wooden ceilings or laying back watching the clouds? If not get ready to feel enlightened. Below is a picture taken in my bathroom sink, can you not see the lovely little owl? It looks to be crafted using water colour but in reality it just suddenly appeared, like magic. I wonder what other unpredictable art I'll come across in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled people, you never know what random greatness you'll discover.   


This outfit is therefore influenced by my imaginary visit to the art gallery in my bathroom. The patterned maxi skirt I found in a local thrift shop, the bowler hat is Sportsgirl and the Maxim singlet I sourced in Bendigo. I feel very swarv and hip in the outfit even though I don't happen to be wearing shoes. Perhaps this makes the ensemble more "down to earth" but then again maybe not. 

Don't forget to do as my mirror says and "SEIZE EVERY MOMENT".

xx E

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