Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Rays.

This story began approximately one hour and eighteen minutes ago.
Mum: "Emma can you go take off the washing?"
Emma: "NO...... O-kaaay"
As I walk out to the line, something magical happens, the sun is setting and the light is amazing picture perfect. So, I decide to tail foot it back inside and compose another speedy outfit and set up the tri-pod. This whole episode happens within 5 minutes. When I finally get outside the sun has gone down slightly (Note to self: do not try and race the sun) but I still carried on regardless. Here is the result of under 10 minutes work and quick thinking. This is extreme fashion people.

     I am wearing a vintage beaded blouse, thrifted pleated skirt, American Apparel knee high socks, vintage glo mesh bag, a bow bracelet and Windsor Smith swede wedges you can see them here.

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Hope your loving life.

xx E   

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