Friday, March 25, 2011

Steak Night.

How good is the feeling when you know you're going home? You get all excited about sleeping in your own bed and cuddling your pets you have not seen in awhile. And not to mention the amazing meals prepared with love and goodness. Yes, it can be said I do love coming home!

No one ever told me that Univeristy was SOOO much work! I am still amazed at what university study demands. To be honest I still haven't worked out my routine which is VERY frustrating! However, an awesome upside to uni life is the people watching you get to do whilst walking around campus. So many people to check out that it can sometimes be overwhelming!
As I was waiting for a lecture the other day, my eyes came across an awesome quote which stated "I only go to Uni to try out new outfit combinations" and how true it is! Getting dressed in the morning is definitely something I look forward too!

Today I thought I would feature my glasses and a cool bag I discovered at a local thrift shop. I am currently looking for a leather backpack for my BIG HEAVY school books so this thought inspired me to use a bag that "looked" similar to a backpack, if that makes any sense! I really like the earthy tones and textures that this bag has on offer so I am most definitely taking it back to Melbourne with me! The rest of the outfit is made up of a pair of Nudie jeans (which I thrifted for $4!! AMAZING), Rubi Shoes boots, a thrifted floral blazer and a Miss Shop striped shirt.

Hope your outfit combinations are going well!

xx E

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